Make Ghost tutorials theme public

Hello! I’m relatively new to Ghost, but I’m finding it incredibly fascinating. One feature I’ve been needing quite a bit is a cable theme similar to the one used in Ghost tutorials. It’s the best I’ve come across, as it combines simplicity with comprehensive out-of-the-box features. For instance, it offers a post template with all the options, utilizes a home template that allows for multiple topics, and the list goes on. While I’m aware that some of these features are available in other themes and can be added as options, it’s not as straightforward for someone like me who is still getting acquainted with Ghost. Additionally, I’ve been searching for inline searching functionality for a month, and it would be a huge benefit to have that as well.

Excited to hear that you like the Tutorials (and Resources) theme. We think it’s pretty great, too :wink: Unfortunately, we can’t open-source the theme.

However, I can answers any questions you might have on how it’s built or how we achieve certain things!