GitHub Actions seem to complete its action but How to Find it From Ghost Dashboard?


I’m trying to deploy a Ghost theme via GitHub actions:

The Ghost theme I’m using is Spotlight:

I’m not using a custom domain to install Ghost but rather, I simply point a DNS of my domain pointing to a site that is stored in Ghost server, something like [businessName]

The thing is I can’t seem to see where is the uploaded theme via GitHub actions in Ghost dashboard?

If the Github action isn’t throwing an error, you probably just need to activate the theme. Go to /ghost > settings > design & branding > customize. On the bottom right side, there’ll be a listing of the current theme. Click it to change the theme. Click “Installed themes” to see what’s currently installed. You should see the Github theme on the list. Click activate (once only - it’s sometimes not obvious that it does activate).

Once you activate the Github deployed theme the first time, future pushes will activate automatically, but you have to do it in the dashboard the first time.

Somehow can’t find anything that says the name of theme that I just pushed via GitHub Actions:

I saw a YouTube video (refer minute 9:01) that mentions if the template from GitHub Actions isn’t appearing on dashboard - it’s something I have to do on Ghost CLI side where I’ll need to perform ghost restart?

How do I do that? I noticed the video uploader is somewhat installing Ghost in his own domain hence allowing him to work on localhost?

Oh wait, never mind. I just noticed that it’s uploading to the very first original Spotlight theme version which is the 1.1.6 version and not the one I recently developed

OK, so you’re fixed? I think the theme pulls the version number from the package.json, if you want it labeled differently. :)