Google Analytics Integration


Hi, I want to integrate Google Analytics (Ghost 2.8.0/Casper 2.7.1)

I simply injected the tracking code in the header but it has an adverse effect on page load time. How can I do it without affecting page load time?

And this link is dead:



There’s nothing that can be done about pageload time - that’s not related to Ghost

Our google analytics docs work fine, but if you have a misconfigured adblocker then it will interfere with loading the page.


Do you know why adblock blocks Ghost doc-sites? I use a clean Adblock Plus installation and its still blocks
Is this also a known issue for other ghost sites?


The only page that shouldn’t work is the google analytics page, other pages should work. Sometimes you need to hard reload but not often


It has nothing to do with ghost. Your adblocker is blocking the term “google analytics” - because that is what ad blockers … block

I suggest you whitelist ** - which never has any ads on it anyway


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