Grammarly Support

I’m a fan of spell & grammar check app Grammarly which, unfortunately, does work where I need it the most: my Ghost blog editor. I’m currently using the Koenig Editor but it was the same with the previous editor.
Could we have support or integration with Grammarly to improve the quality of our posts?

Grammarly was actually enabled in previous versions of the beta. It turns out the mechanism grammarly uses to figure out that your writing conflicts with the mechanism mobiledoc-kit (the core software of the Koeing editor) uses for editing, so grammarly needs to be disabled to allow your editor to work

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Unfortunately this is due to Grammarly not currently supporting any rich text editors such as Google Docs, Dropbox Paper, Medium, Koenig, and so on so we can’t enable it without causing major issues for anyone using the extension.

The good news is that Grammarly is working on a completely different approach for their extension which will hopefully result in better compatibility in the future. There’s some discussion around fixing Grammarly issues with mobiledoc-kit (the underlying editor framework powering Koenig) here Lists and the Grammarly extension do not work well together on Chrome · Issue #422 · bustle/mobiledoc-kit · GitHub


Many thanks for the update.

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