Support for admin in iOS browsers


I use an iPad Pro for a lot of my day to day work, and I find it awkward that mobile Safari editing isn’t supported in Ghost admin (tried it today and the options pop up covers the publish button and won’t go away).

I don’t know whether this is just a CSS problem or if the problem is more deeply embedded in the ‘web application’, but I think it would be tremendously useful to be able to write and edit blog posts on the go from mobile devices (tablets and phones).

Is this something which is on your roadmap?



Quick note - I tried telling my iOS Safari to “request desktop site” and I could then continue to work within the admin control panel to write posts and manage the site. I’m not sure whether this is merely an unsupported approach or is actively dangerous to the content of my site!

So while my original question still stands, it appears that there may be a little workaround available at the moment.


Old editor was not perfect in an iOS environment either (lots of small problems), but this is true. With the switch to the Koeing editor, iPad and iPhone users have lost any capacity to write posts for their blogs, which is a major inconvenience.

As a temporary workaround I’m composing my posts in markdown in other editors and pasting it directly but this is a step backwards and I hope is addressed sooner than later.


Yeah, I’d agree with that. Much as I enjoy working in the new editor, I often travel with just the iPad, and my inability to post reliably from it is frustrating.

I assume they’re working on it - a desktop-only publishing platform isn’t really sustainable any more. But I bet some improvements in mobile browsers would make life easier…



I’m also using iPad Pro exclusively.

Editing in the new editor actually works, but:

  • CMD+Z does not, so there’s no Undo — which is quite the blocker unless you’re a perfect writer…
  • Scrolling is pretty jagged, it doesn’t flow naturally after I release the finger, it just stops. So scrolling a long post takes a very long time.

Other things seem to work pretty well, though.


Hey, am mistaken or do embeds not work when using the current editor on an iPad?

Apart from that I think it’s so way overdue to release a true native iOS app or at the very least have a brower-based editor that actually works on iOS.


Agreed. I love Ghost but am exploring other options due to the lack of a viable iOS app. A lot of my blogging uses photos taken on my phone and having to shuffle those around, wait until I am at a PC, etc. is getting to be too limiting to continue.


I was writing a post that needed footnotes, so I thought OK, I have to do the whole post in a markdown card, but I can manage that. However, it turns out that markdown cards are (for whatever reason) completely uneditable when on an iPad - even with desktop site selected.

This is pretty bad. Every website and their brother makes mobile-first responsive sites now, and having an editor which is just non-functional on mobile devices is going to be a major setback for many users.