Support for admin in iOS browsers

I use an iPad Pro for a lot of my day to day work, and I find it awkward that mobile Safari editing isn’t supported in Ghost admin (tried it today and the options pop up covers the publish button and won’t go away).

I don’t know whether this is just a CSS problem or if the problem is more deeply embedded in the ‘web application’, but I think it would be tremendously useful to be able to write and edit blog posts on the go from mobile devices (tablets and phones).

Is this something which is on your roadmap?


Quick note - I tried telling my iOS Safari to “request desktop site” and I could then continue to work within the admin control panel to write posts and manage the site. I’m not sure whether this is merely an unsupported approach or is actively dangerous to the content of my site!

So while my original question still stands, it appears that there may be a little workaround available at the moment.

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Old editor was not perfect in an iOS environment either (lots of small problems), but this is true. With the switch to the Koeing editor, iPad and iPhone users have lost any capacity to write posts for their blogs, which is a major inconvenience.

As a temporary workaround I’m composing my posts in markdown in other editors and pasting it directly but this is a step backwards and I hope is addressed sooner than later.


Yeah, I’d agree with that. Much as I enjoy working in the new editor, I often travel with just the iPad, and my inability to post reliably from it is frustrating.

I assume they’re working on it - a desktop-only publishing platform isn’t really sustainable any more. But I bet some improvements in mobile browsers would make life easier…



I’m also using iPad Pro exclusively.

Editing in the new editor actually works, but:

  • CMD+Z does not, so there’s no Undo — which is quite the blocker unless you’re a perfect writer…
  • Scrolling is pretty jagged, it doesn’t flow naturally after I release the finger, it just stops. So scrolling a long post takes a very long time.

Other things seem to work pretty well, though.


Hey, am mistaken or do embeds not work when using the current editor on an iPad?

Apart from that I think it’s so way overdue to release a true native iOS app or at the very least have a brower-based editor that actually works on iOS.


Agreed. I love Ghost but am exploring other options due to the lack of a viable iOS app. A lot of my blogging uses photos taken on my phone and having to shuffle those around, wait until I am at a PC, etc. is getting to be too limiting to continue.

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I was writing a post that needed footnotes, so I thought OK, I have to do the whole post in a markdown card, but I can manage that. However, it turns out that markdown cards are (for whatever reason) completely uneditable when on an iPad - even with desktop site selected.

This is pretty bad. Every website and their brother makes mobile-first responsive sites now, and having an editor which is just non-functional on mobile devices is going to be a major setback for many users.


Didn’t you read the main Slogan for Ghost? It’s for „professional Journalism“ and these kind of People oblivious don’t use any iPad or Tablet to do there Bussiness. Right? (Sarcasm)

Seriously, i am becoming more and more of a „mobile User“ who uses an iPad Pro and a Smartphone (Android) to do all the Writing and with GHOST it‘s no FUN nor is it in any way a „professional Experience“ for me because of the lack of nativ Support on a mobile Browser.

I‘m just wondering about why WordPress can do it with Ease and GHOST isn’t any where near it? Why isn‘t there a real NATIV Experience as an App for it? WHY?

It couldn‘t be about the Money or the Staff of Developers because the Numbers are showing a different Message to me. I personally would happily PAY around 10-20EUR for a real good nativ GHOST App on iOS/Android but it seems there is nothing in Sight right now or the near Future and that’s a real Bummer for me at the Moment. It‘s that worst, that i am actually thinking about switching to something else, like back to WordPress or Bludit or Grav.

Oh, i forgot again that I‘m not the Audience that Ghost is appealing to, because i am not a so called „professional Journalist“ and more of a „normal“ Writer or Blogger!

@AlexWhite what’s the other App called you use for Formating?

Just a note: sarcasm won’t get you anywhere positive :). If you don’t like Ghost, no one forces you to use it. If you like it and want it to get better you should try some constructive criticism if you cannot contribute otherwise.

@dsecareanu I never said that I don’t like GHOST, that was you.

Sarcasm has it rights and without where would we be?

I do contribute in my Way and sometimes that’s Sarcasm because otherwise no One seems to listen.

Of course, I tried and do constructive Criticism, just with the Post above. Did it work? Do we see a constructive Response from the Staff?

I mean I understand English is probably not your native language (is not mine either), but I used the expression “if you don’t like” as as well as “if you like” and this doesn’t mean I said you don’t like Ghost (it’s a conditional statement, you can Google it). If you want to continue to troll, unfortunately we cannot have a conversation. No wonder you’re not getting answers. :slight_smile:

@dsecareanu your right about that Statement, i don‘t got it the Way you meant it, obviously. That’s one of many Problems with Speach in general and that’s why i don’t use those so called „Statement‘s“ anymore.

You‘re right about „English insn‘t my native Language“ too, but it works for me relatively good most of the Time. :wink:

If i understand it correctly, then doing „constructive Criticism“ is trolling for you, right?
Maybe we should first discuss, where to Criticism starts and where is the Line between that and trolling. Or is this already Trolling?

Back on topic - I’ve tried to edit my site on an iPad again today (because I’m away from my desktop) and bumped up again on just how horrible an experience it is to try to do this.

I sincerely hope that making the site work on mobile devices is on the radar, otherwise between this problem and the abandonment of markdown as a primary writing mechanism, I may have to regrettably find another blogging engine.


@AlexWhite Editing Posts or Code?

I figured out, on the iPad I have to tab into a blank Post to show the Cards that are available to use.

Here’s Some happy news: Ulysses is adding support for publishing to Ghost.

That makes it perfectly feasible to write and publish to Ghost from iOS.

Should be available on Monday.

Half-way happy news… if only Ulysses wasn’t a subscription model editor. $5 a month is too much for me to pay.

Now if it encourages other editors to do something in publishing to ghost, that would be something.

At the moment though, I’m trying to decide whether Ghost is actually the blog publishing platform that I want to use. Moving away from pure markdown for the blog editing, and not having any viable approach for admin from mobile devices (esp tablets) have both dramatically reduced its value to me.

I’m not blaming the ghost developers - they need to take things in a direction which makes sense for them, for sure. It’s just that the direction is sadly going away from what I need and want.


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It’s probably happier news for me, because I’m already paying for Ulysses as business expense. It’s been my preferred writing app for some time now.

It certainly shows that it can be done, and hopefully other editors will follow suit.

That said, I’d still love to see full admin functionality on iOS.

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I can see that being excellent news then!

I write all my Texts in an App called “iA Writer” and then share/send them over to the GHOST App on Android/iOS for further editing it if necessary or just publish. :wink: