Grid columns or section card for the editor

Looking at I can see, that some rows are divided into columns. You may call it sections or a grid.

I am not focusing on the content here. This is just an example for the content layout.

Let’s take the row, that starts with “A new editing experience”. This row has two columns. A text block on the left and a picture on the right. The layout for the following rows is very similar.

To my knowledge, with the current Koenig editor, this mixed layout is only possible by using HTML cards.

I think it would be nice to have a “grid card” or “section card” or “column card” (whatever you may call it), that can be used within the WYSIWYG editor.

I think this would be very powerful to realize very simple layout variants.

The fact that these layout variants are used inside the official ghost blog, shows the need for something like this.

Is this somewhere on the roadmap? Which repository would be the one, to contribute to? Is it

I think (for comparison) Gutenberg has something like this under Layout Elements.