How to use Grids/Columns easily


Is there a clean way to use grid/columns without writing a HTML block?

I see some themes using grid components. For example in this post: (under “Lists”).

I know how to write columns/grid tags directly as HTML if I wanted, but that seems a little ugly… I love using the Koenig editor for somewhat-WSIWYG. Actually, it’s my favourite feature of Ghost.

Googling this, I found various themes that said they have bootstrap grid support, but not much else or specific guidance on how to use it (my blog’s theme, Voice, does not, so I’d have to include the css as a header, but that messes with the theme design).

My blog in case you need it for reference:


Figured it out. Changed my theme to Massively, which looked cool. In the process, just looked up what classes it used.

Realized I could surround my content with three small blocks of incomplete HTML, and edit the content in the columns using the editor.

Wrote it up here:


Just a quick note for one of your posts:

(it’s Koenig, not Keurig - the name of the Ghost editor)


Hahaha I always have to make such a conscious effort to write “Koenig” because I am active in the coffee world — but think I have been double-correcting back to Keurig! Thank you!


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