Grid with dynamic filtering

Hey all!
I’m looking to build something, and I’d like to know if content hubs in Ghost are the way to go. Basically, what I want is a grid filled with posts, that can then be filtered to only show specific types. So at the top there’s a menu that might say: All, Tag#1, Tag#2, Tag#3, and so forth. Tapping ‘All’ will show all posts, tapping Tag#1 will filter the grid to only show posts with Tag#1. The important part here is that I’m not navigating to a different page or anything when filtering, I am simply showing/hidden posts in a grid, based on the current filter, preferable with a nice smooth animation as the grid layout changes. :slight_smile:

Are content hubs the best way to achieve this, in Ghost? I’m aware I might need other things to sort of animations and such, but right now I just want to make sure I’m using the correct APIs, etc.

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Since the URL wouldn’t change, your best bet is some client side javascript.

The Ghost Marketplace does what I think you’re asking about, so their dynamic code might be a good place to start:

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