Grouping and internal linking in Ghost blog?

I have created 2 tags with more than 2-4 blogs per tag.

tag1 → blogA, blogB, blogC and blogD
tag2 → blogX, blogY

Now lets say I create 2 more blogs i.e blog Z and blogV for tag2 then I have observed for tag1 as well it shows blogZ and blogV in the bottom. Instead of that can I just group particular tag posts? So if I open any blog from tag1 then it should show only tag1 blogs only. Is this possible in ghost?

Or if not possible can is there any way to automatically embed posts in the footer similar to what veed has done. Reference: How we grew from 0 to 50,000 users (with no marketing budget)

For embedding will I have to manually write code for each of the blog post?

This is theme-specific. Many themes have a ‘related posts’ section that shows other posts with the same tag as the current post. What theme?

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I am using casper theme

You should change themes to one that supports this feature, or be prepared to create your own custom theme based on Casper that does this.

You can see what Casper is doing at the bottom of this page. It is pulling the most recent posts to display there, regardless of the tag:

Compare that to what the Headline theme is doing. The headline theme is doing what you want-- it is displaying th three most recent posts with tags that match the post’s tags:

This doesn’t have to be a hard modification to the Casper theme-- you would just have to replace the section on “recent posts” with how a theme like Headline handles “related posts”.


Got it. Thanks a lot.

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