Guest Posting in Ghost

I dont have any clue if ghost has some feature like this or not. i Just wanted to know it is possible or not? if Yes then how

You’re in luck, @gregpozo recently posted an article on how to do that:


basically People send me There post and i will publish through my account and give them credit using your author template.

and remove if there is an author template already in theme using code injection using css.



This one is just a generic design for my blog, but i’ll do more templates soon.

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I will recommend you to use Scaleway object storage 75 GB is free instead of Google drive :grin:

Implementing some type of form would be much better i guess. they can mail us there post and voila!

Thanks! Scaleway seems very good. I’ll try it when i have sometime.

About the form, i already have a contact form and people can send the posts through it if they want. I leave that flexible to people’s preference.

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I love Your contact how you created it. :heart_eyes:

Thank you! Honestly, it’s all thanks to the theme i use:

i just made some tweaks :slight_smile: