Headline theme, channel routes not working

Does channel routes work with the Headline theme?
I have created a custom route
controller: channel
filter: tag:[test1,test2]

But the route is showing all posts and not only test1 and test2 posts. The route is working correctly when I switch to the Caper theme.

Headline works by using the get helper. The get helper works independently of routing, which means that you can’t use custom routing with this theme without some modifications.

That being said, Headline is set up so that you shouldn’t have to reach for custom routing. What are you trying to accomplish?

This is actually great as I can customize things even more. I tried to add a custom filter: filter=“tag:[foo,bar]” to home.hbs and it works as expected.

I copied the home.hbs file. Customized it and renamed it to page-bar.hbs and it works as expected. Is there a better way to do this?