Headline Theme Issues on Mobile: Author + Homepage text

The Headline theme does not render properly on mobile. I’ve tried using github source upload, deleting and reinstalling etc. Wonder if anyone else is experiencing this/has a fix?

Shows on iPhone 14 pro max, chrome and Safari browser

  1. Text does not render as on mobile preview
  2. Floating author text

Thanks for any help!

The other issue is on the homepage which does not render as per the mobile preview or theme template:

Hi! I’m having trouble reproducing this. If you have a live site that would be the best if you could share the link. Otherwise, are you able to share if you’ve added any code/modifications and which settings you’ve chosen in the Design menu (if not default)?

Hi Ryan, thanks for your message! I have the same error viewing with the template theme too. No specific settings change apart from using Dark header style. Image here:

This happens on both safari and chrome, iPhone 14 pro max

Thanks for your support!

It looks like the issue is being tracked (maybe you added it?): Headline theme not displaying properly on iPhone · Issue #242 · TryGhost/Themes · GitHub

You can follow the progress on the issue there.

Hi Ryan - thanks for your response. Do you know how long your native theme issues would usually take to fix? Really want to move our company over to Ghost

Just chiming in to say - my site is on Headline and renders correctly on mobile.

I’ve had custom work done but I don’t think there were issues around these areas. Impossible to say for sure though.

Not sure if it will look any different for you or not.

The issue has been fixed: Headline theme not displaying properly on iPhone · Issue #242 · TryGhost/Themes · GitHub

Update Headline to get the updated version :smile:

yes i have same but i can fix it :wink:

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