Help Needed for Headless CMS + NextJS Config for Production Migration

Hi there,

I had previously set up a Ghost installation to first test out the entire Ghost ecosystem and overall it was quite fantastic.

The only caveat I then realized was a slight limitation of how flexible I can custom build my frontend, which eventually led me down the path of looking at Ghost as a Headless CMS with NextJS as the frontend, as it will make it easier for me to build up to something related to ReactJS.

Say my original Ghost website with a few dummy content was launched on

The challenge for me after taking a while to sample building my frontend on NextJS, was to re-point my domain name to Netlify, which will now host my frontend, while my Ghost CMS will now need a change in URL to like a

I know I will need to ideally disable Ghost’s default front-end from this. However, I can’t seem to find any clear documentation on how to execute this safely and ideally not breaking any part of my Ghost CMS.

Hope someone can help enlighten me on the process, as I had previously attempted to change the URL of my Ghost instance hosted on DigitalOcean, but it totally broke the website + having some SSL connection issues. Thankfully I had a backup to restore the content, which now led me back to square one.

Thanks for anyone who is willing to assist in advance! Cheers! ;)

Wondering if anyone have any idea on this? Thanks once again.