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I love Ghost for its simplicity, elegance and extensiblity but I have existing WordPress website and I want to migrate to Ghost. Here are problems I have faced so far:

  • Existing WP2Ghost Plugin is outdated and works for Ghost 1.x
  • Primary problem to migrate blog is to first migrate users but that is not possible because ghost only allows you to create user via Email Invite
  • In order to word around this, I exported Ghost content and modified it so that I only import users.
  • When imported, Users are locked, sometimes cannot change their password other times cannot login them.
  • For Importing content, I am facing Beta Admin API issue. APIs in docs were working so I had to use chrome network viewer to see actually how to use them

Anyone who can help me here :smiley:
I would also love it, if someone knows how to make ghost run on aws lambda




  • Existing WP2Ghost Plugin is outdated and works for Ghost 1.x

Yeah, we don’t maintain the plugin, but we are working on migration tooling & on upgrading our migration docs.

You have the option to install a Ghost 1.x blog locally using the Ghost-CLI ghost install local --v1. And then you do your import, upgrade to 2.x using the CLI and then generate a valid 2.x export file.

Users are locked when you import then, because we don’t import passwords. They have to go through password forgotten flow.

Could you please share some more details with us? Why are you unable to change password? Why are you unable to login sometimes? Which version of Ghost are you running?

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Thanks for the update, I was able to migrate using version upgrade but login issue still remains:



Users are locked by default when you import them.


Thanks a lot, it really solve my problem

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While migrating, I face this issue: My images are converted to content of which is markdown style image but article shows text instead of image:


@Nauman_Mustafa it looks like the markdown being generated is invalid, there needs to be blank lines between HTML and markdown, eg:

<figure class="..." style="...">



That would result in the image being wrapped in a <p> tag, if that’s not desirable then you would need to use only html:

<figure class="..." style="...">
<img src="" />

As @Kate said, the WP2Ghost plugin is not currently maintained bu we will soon be working on other migration tooling and docs that could help in this area.

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