Import from wordpress to ghost 2.0


I just moved from wordpress to ghost 2.0, i used the wordpress plugin to move my posts, but when i try to import them into ghost 2.0 i get

Please install Ghost 1.0, import the file and then update your blog to Ghost 2.0.
Visit or ask for help in our

is there anyway around this, i really don’t want to go all though this install again to get my posts into ghost


Eh, the other way is manually update your export to fit the ghost 2.0 import format. I’d say going through the install again might be quicker, unless you only have a few posts.

Just had a thought, but that involves you sharing your export with me. I can put up a ghost 1.x pretty easy, run the import, update, run the export and hand it over to you. But that includes trusting me with your data.

Maybe you can do it yourself, if you’re familiar with docker. It makes it really easy.

@Hannah I also sent him a private message with a link to a clean ghost blog version 1.25 that’s at the ready if he wants to use it (yeah I’m hosting it I know, not ideal). But yeah, yours might be a better solution perhaps!


Hi @sean2932 I totally get that it is not ideal, we don’t currently have anyone to maintain the current WP exporter plugin, and so it is very far behind.

You can install 1.0 on your local machine with Ghost CLI ghost install local --v1 to do the import -> upgrade -> export dance.

This is the best option we have right now, but again, we get that it isn’t ideal and are working on a better option.


Are you comfortable with Docker?
If so this will be easy. Let me know if I can help.


Do you think you could do the same for me? Happy to send over my export file from Ghost V1.


Hey, I can do that, I’ll send you a pm with instructions.


Thank you!


Love is in the air :slight_smile:


Docker is making it happen haha. So easy.


Hi @Jivebunny :slight_smile: can you send me the instructions too? pls :slight_smile:


I’ll be glad to test the “how to” if someone wants to write it :slight_smile:


It’s ready for you. Sending instructions now.


You know docker I think, so I could give you the instructions that I give to people who need it, but that’s probably not what you are looking for?

Basically, I just run the following:

docker run --name my-ghost-blog d -p XXXX:2368 \
-e url= \
-e NODE_ENV=production \
-v /path/to/your/docker/ghost/my-ghost-blog:/var/lib/ghost/content \
--restart=always \

I run it with a reverse proxy jwilder/nginx, and the letsencryptcompanion for it. That way I can host it securely for them on my own domain. They log in, create admin account, import data, send me a notice and I run the same command (after throwing away the 1-alpine container), and the only thing I change is the last part:

But I’m not sure you’re looking for that?

PS: the only downside is I can do 5 secure domains a day because of letsencrypt limitations.