HELP: Unable to delete member

I’m trying to disconnect Stripe but it shows -

I have one (test) paying subscriber that I created, but when I went to delete it, it says “Resource not found error, cannot delete member. Resource could not be found.” -

For reference, I have deleted the stripe test data and customer from stripe dashboard.

So now I’m unable to disconnect Stripe from Ghost admin because it says there are members with active subscription, and I cannot delete member because it says resource not found.

How do I delete this member ?

Please help. :frowning:

Hosting on Digital ocean.
Ghost version 3.23.1

Similar issues without solution on the forum and github-

You’ll need to connect to your database and delete the member manually.

There is a known bug at the moment which means it’s not possible to delete a member from Ghost if it was deleted from Stripe first.

How do I do that? Can you please help me with a resource to help me do that :slight_smile: I’m a newbie sorry

You would need to connect to your database and assuming you know the email of the user:

DELETE FROM members WHERE email = "";

You should refer to the documentation for your particular database for how to connect and execute queries.