Help with a new structure


I have below modified routes.yaml file


/knowledge-base/: Knowledge-Base
/basic-crypto-trading/: basic-crypto-trading
/automated-crypto-trading/: automated-crypto-trading
/services/: services

permalink: /{slug}/
template: index
permalink: /knowledge-base/{slug}/
filter: tag:bitcoin+tag:-Knowledge-Base
template: index
permalink: /basic-crypto-trading/{slug}/
filter: tag:basic-crypto-trading+tag:-trading
template: index
permalink: /automated-crypto-trading/{slug}/
filter: tag:automated-crypto-trading+tag:-algotrading
template: index
permalink: /services/{slug}/
filter: tag:services
template: index

tag: /tag/{slug}/
author: /author/{slug}/

and then I have created a separate .hbs file for every permalink ( which is a new page )

What I want to do is use the default home page structure which includes same header, footer and body to be shown on every page, and also whenever I create a new post, I want that post to be automatically shown in one of the four pages. I have tried using {{#get "posts"}}{{/get}} but I am struggling to do this. Please help

Managed to resolve this myself. Was waiting for someone to help. But may be everyone’s to busy :smiley:
Anyways stay safe everyone :slight_smile: