Help with people who unsubscribe from emails?

Hi. I’m Nathan Tankus a new and happy user of Ghost for my large Newsletter Notes on the Crises. I sent out my first piece by email today and I noticed that when free members unsubscribe from emails, they don’t get removed from the members list. I’m wondering if there’s a way I can do that, either with an integration or if there’s a Ghost update coming with this feature? Thanks again.

Hello @Nathan_Tankus, nice to see you making the move to Ghost from Substack.

Regarding your question of removal of unsubscribed members, there’s been no official word from Ghost that I know of, the best I can offer being this other thread with various reasoning for and against such an option:

As an aside, I just read your latest post where you mention that

Over the longer term, I am planning on building my own website where I will have room for many different types of content (including a podcast!)

I hope that implies sticking with Ghost, seeing how Ghost is slowly becoming more and more amenable to such things.


Thanks I’ll check out that thread!

re: website building- it did not originally mean sticking with Ghost but the more I use Ghost the more I like it and the more I think I’ll stick around.

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also, I wanted to say I would be fine with manual deletion if I could… find… the unsubscriptions. being able to at least sort members by whether they’re subscribed to emails or not would go a long way.

I haven’t updated my site yet to 4.x from 3.x (I’ve only played around with it on a test site I’ve set up), but as far as I’d noticed that isn’t possible (yet?).

As you’re a Ghost(Pro) user it might be useful to know that you can always email, they being the ones more familiar with all this than anybody else.

Thanks, I will (and have already). my inclination is always to go to forums first since I hate using up that kind of personalized service (and I have like 9-10 questions at any given time).

Ditto. Ask away then, lots of knowledgeable people here :slightly_smiling_face: