Help with people who unsubscribe from emails?

Hi. I’m Nathan Tankus a new and happy user of Ghost for my large Newsletter Notes on the Crises. I sent out my first piece by email today and I noticed that when free members unsubscribe from emails, they don’t get removed from the members list. I’m wondering if there’s a way I can do that, either with an integration or if there’s a Ghost update coming with this feature? Thanks again.

Hello @Nathan_Tankus, nice to see you making the move to Ghost from Substack.

Regarding your question of removal of unsubscribed members, there’s been no official word from Ghost that I know of, the best I can offer being this other thread with various reasoning for and against such an option:

As an aside, I just read your latest post where you mention that

Over the longer term, I am planning on building my own website where I will have room for many different types of content (including a podcast!)

I hope that implies sticking with Ghost, seeing how Ghost is slowly becoming more and more amenable to such things.


Thanks I’ll check out that thread!

re: website building- it did not originally mean sticking with Ghost but the more I use Ghost the more I like it and the more I think I’ll stick around.

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also, I wanted to say I would be fine with manual deletion if I could… find… the unsubscriptions. being able to at least sort members by whether they’re subscribed to emails or not would go a long way.

I haven’t updated my site yet to 4.x from 3.x (I’ve only played around with it on a test site I’ve set up), but as far as I’d noticed that isn’t possible (yet?).

As you’re a Ghost(Pro) user it might be useful to know that you can always email, they being the ones more familiar with all this than anybody else.

Thanks, I will (and have already). my inclination is always to go to forums first since I hate using up that kind of personalized service (and I have like 9-10 questions at any given time).

Ditto. Ask away then, lots of knowledgeable people here :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi I need help I subscribed my boss to Notes on the crises and billed USD10 a month, I would like to know how can I unsubscribe it and looking forward to help in the new areas.

Hi Nathan, Ryan Singel here from Outpost, which does membership management for Ghost sites.

There are legitimate reasons that people might unsubscribe and still want to be a member (e.g. less email but still read+comment on membership-walled posts), but there’s also the case where people could think they have canceled by unsubscribing and then get upset when they are charged later.

Our solution is to email people who have unsubscribed from newsletters and let them know they are still a member, but won’t get newsletters. That email includes a link to Portal for those that want to re-subscribe or to cancel properly.

You don’t have to use Outpost to do this. You can use an external service/self-hosted solution that listens on a webhook for that event. You create an integration, define a webhook for it, then configure the external service to listen for the event and then send the email.