Hey All, New to Ghost - The Discord/Slack integration

Hello all,

So I’m trying it out almost got everything the way I want it. But I’ve created a discord server and made a web hook. Then gone into integrations and pasted the web hook and put in my username of the channel.

I’m the only person in there right now, but I used that.

When I click test notification, or even make a simple post, nothing gets posted to the channel that the web hook should be pointing to. Has anyone had this working or is it non-functioning?

Hiya :wave: Did you try the solution in this thread?

I used zapier, works as intended

Well damn, that worked a treat. Thank you very much indeed. I quite like this Ghost thing.

I do have I think one more question but I think I may have to reach out to my template creator (theme forest) and ask them. It’s about making menu’s that fold down to sub links when you hover over them.

But thanks very much Ryan for this quick response.