Hide author name for specific author site wide

Hello, I have a blog with multiple authors, the first author account created is sharing the same name as the website brand, it is used to post generic information that the other authors do not want to post.

We want ghost to automatically hide the author name block from any post made by this “brand” account. It is a bit redundant content wise and we like to set-up a hbs template to prevent this. (Using casper).

We want it remove this across the site, on post pages, partials on home and tag pages, etc. Any suggestions on how to do this? I looked through the documentation and I am not sure how to do this type of filter.

You can check who the author is with the {{#has}} helper :slight_smile:


{{^has author="John Doe"}}
  {{!-- NOT John Doe--}}
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Thank you for pointing that out, I see its quite powerful, I am able to do it via this method, thanks!

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