Hide "latest" in Taste

Is there a way to hide what seems to be the latest posts sections on the homepage in Taste theme?

Hey @Cowgirl ,

Please comment out line number 13 in index.hbs of the latest copy of the Taste theme. That will hide the Latest posts section.

{{!-- {{> "components/list" layout="magazine" count="5" showExcerpt=true showPrimaryTag=true}} --}}

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Thanks so much!!! :hugs: But on my plan I cannot change the theme code :pensive: is there a code snippet I can use to achieve this?

Try this in code injection:

    .gh-list.magazine {
        display: none;
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Brilliant, thank you so much!

Technically I don’t mind the latest section, except I cannot seem to exclude certain tags from it. Now I can sort things according to tags and making an easier overview of or own company news and external news.

Turns out this code snippet didn’t work. Not sure if I was tired doing these changes but it doesn’t work