Feature posts on homepage (Taste theme)


I’m using Taste theme. I want to have the top five posts on the homepage change from most recent to specific featured posts.

I assumed using the ‘feature post’ button on posts would work, but it doesn’t seem to do anything.

Any idea how I achieve this and what that feature post button does?


I am not sure that theme comes with featured items. I’ve noticed some themes don’t But for the Taste theme you can always make a special tag for featured items and sort the sections on the front page in your liking. How to do that is described under the About title in the preview of the theme.

By default, Taste will always display your latest articles followed by three sections showcasing your most written-about tags.

Tag slugs must be separated by commas without any whitespace. For example - recipes,vegan,reviews

For more granular control over your homepage, Taste allows you to customize the sections displayed at will by adding the slugs for each tag (last portion of the URL) on the Settings > Design page of your admin panel.

Thanks for this. Yeah, I have the posts ordered under the main new posts area with tags, but I’m looking to get my paid for gated posts in that very top area, since I had more paid signups when they were there.

Perhaps will look at a different theme.