Home page editing

Hi I’m running volleybrains.com on the headline theme.

I want to make a homepage with a decent header, cta, a few testimonials. Just like https://www.exponentialview.co/ does.

How do I go about that? (I made some edits to the theme and reuploaded it, don’t know html and CSS…I know Webflow, but I guess just inserting the code created there wouldn’t get me far?)

It would be an awesome resource if a developer could give some insight and publish a Ghost Resource. I guess this is what a lot of people are looking for, just a bit more of customisation of the home page in ANY theme.


Hey @Matviee,

You will either have to create these elements within the theme you’re using, which will require HTML/CSS/Handlebars, or use another theme with the features you’re looking for. The Ghost docs are a great place to understand how to create and edit themes:

I’ve just created a new theme that I will release very soon with the exact specifications you’re looking for. You can see it in action here:

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Thanks for your reply.

Yep, I got that far. I would want to actually see somebody code it and like that start to learn how to do just that. The documentation is just too cryptic for me.

Good luck with your theme, something like this was missing, as far as I know.

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We’ll have a new tutorial about this coming out soon, but I recommend you check out our tutorials to get a better sense of what’s possible and how to do it


Ah, that sounds great, Ryan.

Yes, I know off and have been loving the tutorials…Ghost is coming along, very refreshing to see.

Eagerly waiting for it!