Custom theme development

I’m considering switching my site to Ghost (again) and have crossed all of the hurdles of exporting from WordPress, reducing the massive cruft WordPress generates in terms of differently sized images, and then hand-editing each piece of content to fix images, embedded nonsense HTML, tags, and the like.

I have also purchased at least 10 different themes and tested them out, but none have really made me as happy as Casper.

However, there are still some basic items that I want to customize, and while I can make changes to things like the footer and header, doing more intense changes such as static content on a home page and the like is proving difficult.

Are there any known custom theme development shops that specialize in Ghost themes? I couldn’t find any in my many searches…

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Did you try nubia? Or maxima. Both are good themes.


Check out @HauntedThemes—they do a good selection of premium themes for a subscription.

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Yes, we do. And we also do custom themes. We have some custom themes developing as we speak. Time is pretty limited right now, but I’m sure we can help you with your changes. If you are interested you can contact us at

Should this topic be in #marketplace, @Kevin ? This topic looks more appropriate for that category.

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Thanks @AlexLi - I already own one of those, and they are great, but still missing some things.

Thanks @danbartlett and @HauntedThemes - I do own at least one theme from @HauntedThemes but still looking for a bit more customization.

Essentially I’m looking for more of a landing-page style home page with some static blocks pointing to particular tags, as well as some more focused lists of content, which seem more difficult to do with Ghost Themes than I had hoped. Most themes only support things like Featured Posts, and then simply list the rest of the posts available by date.

I will keep looking around a bit more, and experimenting with my fork of Casper, but will likely end up contacting someone to assist. Thanks!