"Hooks" for developers

Hello guys,

Thinking on how busy the core team is, and how our requested features maybe are not like ideal for the future of “Ghost” as a project but at the same time they are a NEED for us (as Ghost users/developers), what do you think about implementing hooks?

This way, allow developers to build their own “logic” around the core without having to affect the actual Ghost core. The ideal scenario is to implement hooks (events) Before and After each “update” (create, update, delete) is performed; and this should be available for any kind of “content” that a Ghost user modify through the Ghost-Cli, API or Admin like, but not limited to: posts, settings, uploads, etc.

What do you guys think about it? I’m seriously starting to move a lot of my personal and customers projects from WP and custom CMSs to Ghost so thinking as Developer I see a lot of features that I can build for my customers and the open source community but are not a good fit to be a “must” in a core as the use case of my ideas are for limited scenarios so it would worth to build a solution as “an addon” to the core.

That said, I can just wait for your thoughts :smiley:

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