Ghost widget community?


It’s been over a year since I first fell in love with Ghost. In that time, I’ve purchased more themes than I’d like to admit, and perhaps created even more (most of which don’t see the light of day, mostly because I jump to working on some other Ghost theme). Observing this siloed theme-centric environment has ignited a certain curiosity: do we as a community value and desire standalone features such as widgets, or are we content with the simplicity of posts-on-a-blog?

In some cases, themes have beautifully thought-out widgets which make a theme truly unique or alive. On the contrary, it seems there are just as many people sticking to the status quo of “recent post” widgets etc, which tend to be haphazardly dropped throughout such themes with little or no thought to value add based on context.

I’ve personally created a lot of custom logic and widgets which I love to share with others. My question is this: is there a part of the Ghost community that shares a passion or curiosity for user-created plugins, widgets, tools, or what-have-you? I haven’t quite found a watering hole for this sort of Ghost theme development just yet. I’m simply wondering if this is by design, or if we’ve all been waiting for such a medium or channel to exist. I’m personally hoping for the latter :slight_smile:


I would be interested in this but at a non developer level (i.e. ideally usable through the admin interface). However, I think that this would be a good customization tool for Ghost themes as there are often needs to add various types of widget for SEO purposes or simply for promotional purposes within a website.