Hosting Headless Ghost for Netlify

Hi. I’m planning to use Ghost headless to deploy content to Netlify. AFAIK, Netlify would deploy a static version of the Ghost content.

Well, I’m looking for options to host the headless Ghost. I don’t know if locally installed Ghost can be deployed to Netlify. Even if that’s possible, this method is not suitable for me, as my Ghost instant would be on my laptop, which could be lost if I reconfigure my laptop.

So, what are the cheap options to host headless Ghost? As the headless Ghost wouldn’t needed to run always, and I guess, it runs only when I access the admin section to make changes and ping the Netlify to rebuild. So, paying high fee for VPS or Ghost Pro doesn’t seem justified.

Hi @Kishor

So, I think there may be some confusion. Headless Ghost just means that you’re using Ghost as a back end API, it doesn’t change Ghost’s requirements insofar as needing a server, a database, storage for media files etc.

To deploy a site to Netlify that uses Headless Ghost as a back end CMS API, you would need to first either deploy Ghost somewhere (like Heroku, Google App Engine, Digital Ocean, etc) or sign up for Ghost(pro).

You could then build a static front end using something like React, or a static site generator like Gatsby or 11ty, which will request the data from Ghost; and deploy that static site to Netlify (I’m getting ready to do something like this at the moment with my own Gatsby blog).

Basically, the “Headless” part of Headless Ghost means that you’re replacing the templating system of Ghost with something you prefer to work with. You’re not actually using a different version of Ghost and the requirements for hosting Headless Ghost aren’t different than hosting a regular instance of Ghost.

Hope that clarifies things!


@birdcar Thanks Sir for your reply.

As said earlier, I’m looking for cheap hosting option for Ghost headless. As you have mentioned, I can host it on Heroku etc., all of these are paid. I have seen Heroku free option as well, but that’s only good for beginners with small site.

Anyway, thanks for your comment.

You might want to look into Hetzner’s VPSes.

There was a good discussion of cheap hosting options here:
Is there a way to use ghost cms for free - Help / Installation - Ghost Forum

I liked the Qovery option near the bottom…there’s Ghost Pro’s $9 / month option. If you are prepared to pay $90 per year, then @cuongtran can hook you up!

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