How are you folks sending non newsletter and transactional emails

What I really mean is that apart from the standard signup/signin and newsletter emails, how can I send other emails?

For e.g. If a subscriber is not opening my emails, how can I trigger an email to recheck his/her interest?


I have free subscribers and I want to send them an email (without having to write a post for this) to consider moving to paid subscription.

Do not really want to use another mail service front end (like mailchimp etc.) to send these mails.

Hi Jack, there are two ways to do this without hooking up to a second mailing service.

  1. use a hidden tag and routes in your yaml file to write posts that you filter out of your main indexes - they will still have urls but won’t show up on the front page and if you do the work you can keep them out of other places as well (recommended content, author pages, most recent, etc).

Dan Rowden’s Patron and Substack themes support this, and I believe that the Nikko theme does as well.

  1. You could look at my company Outpost which adds some extra features on top of Ghost, including the ability to write particular groups of readers completely outside of Ghost