How can I add additional social media link in general setting

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I need the social media add additional link in general setting not in the secondary menu. I have already go through with this article. I don’t want this Additional social accounts in general settings


@Ashish_Tomar Could you please explain what you mean by

I need the social media add additional link in general setting not in the secondary menu.

I’m not certain that I understand exactly what you’re aiming to do.

Are you developing a custom theme or just trying to customize your own Ghost website?

Hi @Ashish_Tomar,
In Ghost dashboard, you will get only 2 options to add social media links. Facebook and Twitter
If you want to add more social media links, you need to edit the code of the theme file.

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Hi @electronthemes, I just want to let you know that the links to your Writter theme demo on this page of the Ghost Marketplace are broken.

Hi @DonaldH
Thank you so much. I checked also. I just sent an email to ghost support. I hope they will update soon.

Hey @Ashish_Tomar, I had a similar issue. I wanted to get rid of the RSS link and add other links like Instagram and LinkedIn.
I’m using the Edge theme, so not sure if it applies to yours, but in VSCode go to Partials > Header.hbs. In there, you can add your additional link:

<a class="social-item social-item-instagram"
target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" aria-label="Instagram" style="color: #3B5998;">

I asked the same question in this thread: Edge Theme: Add Instagram link & remove RSS link. Check it out, as there are a couple ways you can move forward with this. @kose_mark provided a solid explanation.

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So we can only do this by adding code in the theme files not in the CMS general settings. The have to provide this feature to add more social media links in the general settings.

Anyways I’m closing this for now.


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Yes, that is correct. If you want to add additional icons or links, you have to edit the code