Additional social accounts in general settings


Add additional social accounts to general settings that can be used within themes.


  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube

LinkedIn sharing
Social Network Integration
LinkedIn sharing

I’d also like to suggest GitHub and Mastodon as well, though it would be easy to overload this with too many social providers which is something to consider.


Currently Ghost only comes with Facebook and Twitter in the sharing bar. LinkedIn is a very popular social network amongst people who operate in a professional capacity. I would really like to see LinkedIn added as a built-in sharing option.


I’ve made a fork of the current Casper theme and added a LinkedIn sharing button to the floating posts header. I’m not very good at coding so I hope the changes I made were correct.

EDIT: Don’t forget to run gulp css + ghost restart after making the changes


One more vote for Mastodon!


+1 for this, with proposed social networks aside from facebook and twitter:

  • linkedin
  • instagram
  • github


In the interim, roughly what level of effort would it entail for a developer to modify the ember admin themselves to support this functionality?

I haven’t dug into customizing the admin panel just yet, but I’d be curious to learn if a change like this would be reasonable for an average developer.



having more possible integrations - sharing, but also story ‘cards’ would be very very nice - actually the main thing I really miss in Ghost: linkedin and instagram integration…


I’ve mostly lost confidence in a feature like this to make its way into ghost core any time soon- I try not to put any money behind philosophical design decisions.

As a workaround, I’ve opted to make my theme configurable with MongoDB Atlas; this allows us to fill in data blanks where ghost core falls short, while stayin away from touching the core build.

I’m not particularly proud of this solution from an architecture perspective. It’s like trading “separation of concerns” for an inexplicable tumor leeching of the theme layer, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Otherwise nobody would know how cool I am on social media, which is simply unacceptable.


I think there should have an option to add custom social media icon, link, it would be helpful. By default 3 social media is fine but there should have Add New button to add more icons.

Social Network Integration
Social Network Integration

Hello! Please, add a new social networks. For example: VKontakte, YouTube, Telegram, WhatsAPP, Viber.

  1. VK
  2. FB
  3. Twitter
  4. Youtube
  5. Telegram
  6. WhatsAPP
  7. Viber


I was surprised the social media icons are indeed only Facebook and Twitter. Wouldn’t it be possible to add custom ones? The user could be allowed to add an icon as well as the link?



At least Instagram. This should be a simple addition for the default theme.


Would love to see GitHub as well. Tried digging around the default casper files but no success yet. Any support from the admins would be great!


while adding additional accounts I had to modify the knownHelpers within Gscan specs. It might be worth considering a dynamic implementation of gscan checks in relation to the model within the Ghost’s Theme’s API design.