How can I hide few tagged posts from not showing in the homepage - Headline Theme

Hi, I write at I however don’t want my newsletter posts to be shown in the recent and as a post. How can I make it happen?

Any feedback is appreciated.

There are essentially two methods: you can modify the Routes.yaml file, or you can hand-code the filter into your home page. I have some of both on my site, and it took a good bit of digging around to finally get it to work the way I want.

Do you have a local install to experiment on? That would be a first step.

I can share my code at some point, but first you might spend some time looking at the documentation for getting posts and for filtering those posts.

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Thanks, Bruce.
I am currently in the starter plan so, I don’t think I can experiment with code. Maybe when I have the right amount of sub-count.

Unfortunately editing Routes.yaml doesn’t work for Headline the way it does with other themes. Not sure why.