How can i make blog like

how can i make my casper theme like the one exist on ghost blog?
i know it is hard coded.
can someone help me step by step to accomplish this…
is it just $ git clone ?

Sure it’s open source here -

Please note, though, that the theme code is open source - but our design and trademarks in the theme are not. So you will need to modify it if you want to use it for your needs :slight_smile:

is it just clone the git repository and edit it later?

by the way,

which is being trademarks or cannot being used on our site? the post arrangement?

Sure that’s one way to do it

A general guideline is: you should make sure that nobody would get confused when viewing your site to the extent that they might think it’s our site. So changing logo, title, colours, etc - is definitely a good idea.

More detailed trademark guidelines here: Ghost Trademark Usage Policy

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i thought the arrangement is trademarked…
if the logo is the case, then sure. of course we would not try to pretend as

thanks for the answer

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Good evening, I am also interested in trying the following theme

Is it always updated with the latest version of Ghost, like the Casper theme?

Thanks so much.

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