New Ghost blog = New Casper theme?


I like the updated look of the official Ghost blog. Is this something we can expect to see in a future release of the Casper theme?

BTW, have you removed the Dev Blog?


The ghost blog theme is a separate repo -


Not in Casper because that’s designed to be very general purpose whereas the new Ghost blog layout is specific to the blog’s structure. They do share a lot of the same layout and styling though, plus as @vikaspotluri123 said above the theme is open source to use as a reference when building your own themes :smile:

Yes, the dev blog has been amalgamated with the main blog with a focus on the single blog being of a library of content rather than just a news feed. Expect to see more content appearing in the future!


I see, thank you very much for your replies.

Keep up the great work!


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