How can I make search pages also

Is there something I’m missing? It doesn’t work for pages.


Not a lot of information here to work from big dog. Since it works on pages or posts from me using the guide from this post - Native search

It doesn’t say pages anywhere. In fact, I tested it on my blog… nope, doesn’t work for pages.

In fact I tested it on my blog and it does work on pages.

Are you certain? AFAIK Ghost Native Search returns results for tags, authors, and posts. This is my experience, too.

Doesn’t work for me on pages, but it does on everything else.

Just bumping this one. Searching pages would be a useful feature to have. I have the most recent Bitnami ghost install running and it only searches posts. All the docs only mention post, tag and author searches.


Fully agree.

I’m planning to implement Algolia but pages searching needs to be implemented to the core (I don’t know why that’s not enabled by default).


Bump, I agree this is important.

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