How can I use Keila for Newsletters and Signing Up?


I’m wondering if its possible to use Keila with Ghost, to use it for the newsletter stuff… From Keila I’m able to get some Code like this:

<form action="" class="contact-form container bg-white rounded py-4 md:py-8 flex flex-col gap-4" method="post" style="background-color:#f9fafb!important;color:#111827!important">
  <h1 class="text-4xl my-4">
    My New Form
  <div class="flex flex-col">
    <label for="contact_email">
    <input id="contact_email" name="contact[email]" placeholder="" type="email"/>
  <div class="flex flex-col">
    <div class="h-captcha" data-sitekey="a1c5fab7-71df-4ea4-af75-87a3d07c61de" data-theme="dark">
    <script async="async" defer="defer" src="">
  <div class="flex justify-start">
    <button class="button button--cta button--large" style="background-color:#047857!important;color:#f9fafb!important">

to implement it into a website… I’m currently using the “Edition” Theme and looked already around if there is some code I can change to use Keila… But I didn’t find anything… Can somebody help me?

Thx Greenman999

Am I correct to assume you’re not planning to use Ghost’s membership features, and you want to add a Keila sign-up form to Ghost? If so, that’s straightforward. You can add an HTML block in the relevant page or post, or modify .hbs files to include a sign-up form.

Without knowing what you’re trying to achieve I cannot be more precise.

Yes, thats what I’m trying to do, but I didn’t find the files where I can add the new Form and remove the old one…. Can you help me with that?

With Edition (and almost all Ghost themes), membership is handled via Portal. This includes the sign up and sign forms. All options related to this are under Settings > Membership. There you could turn off the Portal altogether in favor of your custom system.

Unfortunately, though, you can’t swap out the forms directly. Instead, you would have to create a custom membership page with the embedded form from Keila.