Signup / Signin buttons and forms not doing anything?

Hey there!

Website here :

I’ve just upgraded Ghost and I’m trying to get the newsletter functionality working. I’ve setup my mailgun account in the settings, as well as the local config file.

I’ve also reverted back to the default theme in order to reduce potential bugs. No matter where I click for the members/newsletters functionality, the buttons don’t seem to do anything.

I checked in the console, but nothing happens there either. The list of action links in the newsletter settings are still default.
When I click on a blog and try to fill in my address email at the end of the article, I can’t input anything in the “sign up” entry.

I’d love to get some pointers as to what is happening, because I’m actually not even sure what to look for.

Thanks in advance!

I do see that Portal is loading. How’d you

Can you say how you reinstalled Casper? I’m wondering if you have a super old version of it that’s not compatible with portal. Can you try setting to Casper by clicking the preview on the themes page, NOT by clicking “activate” next to the installed theme?

It looks like there’s some styling set up to hide Portal. Do you have a style set up in the theme or in Code Injection to hide it?

This is in your head:

<style type="text/css">
        display: none;

oh my, indeed well seen!

Thanks for such a quick response folks

I’ve been looking everywhere but forgot that I had added that because I didn’t like the button layover everywhere when I upgraded from v4 to v5😅.

Ok, is there any known way to hide the bottom button that stays on top o everything, but use the top right link instead via the settings without building a custom theme?

I find the button rather intrusive.

Yep. It’s under the portal settings! Settings > Membership. You’ll find a slider that’ll turn off the display of the float-y button, but NOT disable portal from popping up when you trigger it.


CleanShot 2023-07-20 at 16.08.45

Got it working, thanks for the help folks!

You rock, I’m amazed at the speed at which you answered :).