How do i add a linkedin icon at the bottom of the liebling theme?


I want to add a LinkedIn icon at the bottom next to other social links? Any code injections? or do I need to edit in VS code?

Very v basic coding knowledge (learning as I build). Any help is deeply appreciated!! :slight_smile: :smile:

You need to edit partials/footer.hbs to do this:

However, Iā€™m not good at handlebars :slight_smile:.

This is how I have it in another theme:

  <li class='c-social-icons__item'>
    <a href='' aria-label='LinkedIn' target='_blank' rel='noopener'>
      <span class='c-social-icons__icon' data-icon='ei-sc-linkedin' data-size='s'></span>

I assume you can add before </nav> (or where you want to add the icon):

  <a href="" aria-label="LinkedIn">
    <span class="linkedin" aria-hidden="true"></span>