How do I add a live chat to my website?


I want to add a live chat button to my freelancer website so that my customers can ask their questions. Also, if it would be great if it collected all the social media messages in one place.

Do you know a budget-friendly tool with a good design?

(Most popular live chat tools are too expensive for a small business.)

I would really appreciate any suggestions that you use and work for your site.

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Hi and welcome! :slight_smile:

First of all, it depends on what chat you want to use. For example; Facebook provides an easy to implement alternative for the Messenger which you could insert using a code injection (available under Settings → Code Injection).

If looking at other options, you need to look for an embed option of sorts. So, the question is; what chat do you want to use and have you looked into it?

I use Gosquared for Analytics, who also have a live chat feature called Assistant. They also have “Forms” which will also collate messages into one place, if desired.

I installed for free on my website