Sub-based micro community websites LIVE CHATROOM FEATURE?

Hi all,

What is the feasibility of having a group-chat component like in Twitch or vBulletin forums with a live chat at the top of the page where all online users can interact with each other? Can ghost facilitate this with pre-included features or would it require some custom development? My background is in product design, not development though I am eagerly teaching myself to code while under quarantine.

The project I am working on values interaction over information. Users MUST be able to interact with the content published, as well as each other.

Please advise, in the meantime I will continue reading through documentation… Thanks all, stay healthy and safe!

Have you checked out our ‘Community’ themed integrations?

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I have looked there but was hoping for a more robust, less branded chatroom with multiple channels that displays online users (like discord)

Another semi-unrelated question - how can you protect video content from non-subscribers? Can video content be hosted on Ghost servers with a plugin like Wistia or is YT/Vimeo the only option at the moment?

You can use Wistia or Cloudflare Stream
However you should host them in their own instance so they’re easier to manage, rather than within a Ghost installation