How do I deal with fake accounts and angry comments?

Hello again, dear Ghost forum.

I’ve had an issue with a reader that is creating multiple accounts to leave nasty comments and torment me on my blog. To deal with this issue, I’ve had to turn off signing up for subscriptins and memberships, and instead asked people to fill out a Google Form. Now this person has filled out the form, wondering why this is necessary. Well, duh… It’s because of this person I’ve had to do this. It makes me so sad.

Any suggerstion on how to deal with this (and perhaps other fake accounts) in the future, and today? I live in Sweden, and I have learned the hard way not to aggregate people, because it always turns more sour if I do so. When is the time to call the police on this guy? I’m pretty sure I know who it is.

I thought Ghost were supposed to be a more “safe place” from spam, fake accounts and trolls, due to having a membership function? If not, this must be implemented! I’d like to block IP adresses and emails from signing up.

Thanks in advance for any help.

The Hyvor Talk comment system can control this situation since they have a shadow ban function based on IPs. Spammers will not realize they have been banned from your site, all shadowed banned comments are removed and others will not see them.

A spammer who does not know they have been banned will not create a new account to attack you.

Your audiences never see any negative comments from attackers.


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Oh, awesome. Perhaps I shall try that then :blush: thank you.

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Turns out it costs $12 a month and I do not want to pay more than I already do for my Ghost install, but it seems awesome. I guess I have to keep my invite-only thing for now until Ghost themselves offer better comment moderation. Thanks again for you tip! Looking forward to that multi-language post as well. Hope I’ll get to read it soon.

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