Various creative ways to block/remove member?

Beyond the delete function in the member dashboard, are there any creative ways you’ve heard of to remove a member or block someone from subscribing?

I presume this looks like an odd question because 99.9% of the time people want to increase (not decrease) the size of their audience. Nevertheless. . . .

Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I wonder that too! I have a person leaving nasty comments on the blog and nowhere to block the person from signing up. Fortunately, this person seems to have calmed down, but I’d still like to get rid of him permanently.

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I don’t think there’s a way to do that on GhostPro. Is it worth exploring what’s possible with Mailgun on self-hosted instances?

Whilst I’d have no idea how to do this, it’s possible to block specific IP’s on some types of self managed hosting. No doubt that technicality is going to be something most would wish to avoid.

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The problem I think (without being an expert on finding IP addresses), is that there’s no way to tell where this member’s IP address is coming from. There’s no info about that within Ghost, no matter if you use Pro or self-host.


Of course, yes, good point.

Stumped then :thinking:

If you had a proxy in front of your Ghost site, you could log member creation IPs. Having said that, lots of people have lots of different IPs, so that’s only going to slow down someone who isn’t resourceful enough to use their phone on cellular, or their work computer, or a friend’s wifi, or a public access point… if the user is dedicated enough to harass you, I suspect they’re dedicated enough that an IP block isn’t going to work.

If you have identified the specific user ID (and they’re only making new accounts when you block them), you could consider editing the theme to make your comments section not render for that user. If they don’t check as a different user, they might think you’d turned comments off for everyone.


That’s smart, but it won’t work for me, since I often ask for people to sign up and leave comments. This person would become very suspicious if that would happen. I have solved it somehwat, with some help from a friend, whos “fighting” the battle for me, and so far it works very well. Still, I do believe that Ghost should have a better moderation system for comments.

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There are a variety of reasons people are interested in removing members—some as benign as just wanting to diplomatically remove a harmless former in-law from a large family newsletter, for example. In some cases, simply making the lowest tier pay a minimal subscriber fee ($1/year) is effective. There’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. Thank you for the responses.

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I would actually love an option to block a user via the back end. Not sure if that has already been a feature request or not. Just thinking of someone who persistently re-signs up despite being removed. (Something easier than the rather technical / IP solutions already suggested.)

Anna Maria, this is an important point. We all know it, but can forget.

THE most important component of a happy comments section is having happy confident and loyal subscribers. When one’s subscribers share a sense of ownership of the site and the comments section with the site owner, then self-moderation takes off in a kind (not abusive) way.

It’s just no “fun” for those one would wish to just go away and that’s what they do.

Of course, there’s the occasional stand out difficult member and it would be good to have a ‘tool’ in Ghost for the owner to be able to ease them out. But that’s not my point here, nor yours.

You are absolutely correct and your ‘friend’ has demonstrated this.

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