How do I get rid of localhost:2368 in IMG tag? [SOLVED by ghost update]

I have a development server running, using standard ghost start running on localhost 2368.
ngrok makes it possible to publish this local site on an URL. (Yay!)

On my live production site the IMG URL’s are generated as /content/images/size/w300/2019/05/manatee-lettuice-blog.jpg - great.

On localhost dev they are http://localhost:2368/content/images/size/w300/2019/05/manatee-lettuice-blog.jpg - frustrating, this breaks ngrok tunnel and I can’t see the images.

Is there any way to get rid of the http://localhost:2368 part of the URL on localhost/dev?


You need to change the configured URL:

Tx @Hannah - I’ll give it a try, is there no way to strip ‘http://localhost:2368/’ in dev mode?

It sounds like you’re probably running significantly different versions of Ghost in production and development, which accounts for the difference in behaviour as the API has changed.

The API / image url behaviour is not different between dev and prod modes.

PEBKAC. A ghost update and it was resolved.

ngrok is just perfect for mobile testing

Thank you