How do I insert an already existing image into another post?

I know how to upload an image into a post. Now my question is: How can I insert the same image into another post without re-uploading it?

(I am in the middle of a migration from Wordpress. In Wordpress I had an “insert image” command that displayed the existing images, allowed me to select one and click on a button to insert it.)

you can copy the url and insert it as markdown or html code.

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Do you know of any feature that would allow users to see a gallery of already-uploaded images? This is a major feature I’m missing migrating from WP. I’m also not seeing much in the way of managing uploaded images either, deleting them in a post won’t delete the uploaded file for instance.


This is just a workaround in the absence of a file manager feature like you are describing:

Create one post (you can keep it as Unpublished) – I have one post named “Images” I use for this purpose – where you can upload and store all of your site’s images on that one post.

Then when you want to know the URL to use an image later on within another post, just go to that “Images” post and right-click on the image and select “Copy image address” to copy the URL. Then you can paste that URL into another post without uploading the same image again and creating an unwanted duplicate.

You can use the Gallery card as many time as you want on the same post (each gallery can contain 9 images.) This is the most compact display of the images.

You can also use the Image card, or the Markdown block which both allow you to select and upload images from your computer’s local drive.


Sadly, the closest thing you’re going to get is this command line interface from GhostBoard GitHub - ghostboard/ghost-purge-images: CLI tool to display & purge the uploaded images, video and audio files that currently are not used in any post, page or meta data

Otherwise, as has been shared before, I do not know of a media manager :( for your images


You can also use an integration like Cloudinary for your Media Library. There are other options as well:

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Definitely works for now at a low volume. I can see where this can get cumbersome in the long run, but you could just have a couple categories of posts. Easy for me, not terribly user-friendly if you aren’t tech savvy and want something that “just works” a la WordPress.

“Sadly” nothing, this is great! At least I can clean up after a draft of a large post where I might delete/upload the same image through multiple edits.

Seeing Backblaze in that list is interesting. Most of my clients want an all-in-one solution hosting the content in-house, but some could use Azure or S3.

Thanks everyone!

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I have also seen Thumbor recognized as very useful for additional tweaking of images for use with Ghost (also supporting WebP automagically):

For people like me who selfhost their Ghost Blog on their Synology NAS, an integration with Synology Drive would be appreciated ;-)
Until now, I’ve tried some other self-hosted files manager like Filerun inside another docker container, but it’s not perfect, and those manager are too complicated for a simple image and video management for web hosting.
The new video upload feature insite Ghost is nice, but it lacks a way to manage those already uploaded files, to easely copy/paste them and purge the unused ones.

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I’ve always thought that an image library would be a relatively simple addition to the admin portion of the site.

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I’m having problems migrating from wordpress to ghost, I have more than 8,000 media and I couldn’t migrate them along with my posts, I imported the JSON file, but the images were not, any suggestions on how I could import all the my media for ghost?

You have to zip it and download the zip file to the new server with wget command. After that you need to unzip and move the folder to the content dir and assign the permissions.