Folder for images into html blocks

Where is the best place to add the images that I will use as images-url for html blocks? I have html blocks in which I have to insert images (but inside the html block created with the editor) and every time I load the image as an image, I look at where it is loaded (for example: content/images/2022/06/image.jpg ), I remove it from the editor and use that url in the html block … but it is not very practical, every time I go to see the location, etc … maybe I can create inside the content folder, a folder called “images2” and use it only for those photos ? Or is there some problem with doing so? Or are there better methods? I hope I have explained what I mean, thanks in advance!

I don’t know of any better method, other than perhaps using a service like Cloudinary.

It seems like you are asking if there is a preferred image file management method or process for re-using images on your Ghost site.

Since Ghost does not have such a system built in, I have found that using one post for all of my image uploads is pretty efficient and easy to manage for images that I want to re-use time and again. I just create multiple galleries on that page (which I call Images, and just maintain it as a draft.)

I’ve created a Feature Images Site Archive Custom Post Template using a masonry layout which I’m happy to share. I’ve posted the code and a working example here.

This is a handy way that I keep track of (and re-use) my site images since Ghost has no built-in image manager. From that page I can right-click on an image to copy it to the clipboard (for pasting into a new post). Of course I can get the image URLs in the same way.