How do I make authors appear in the Digest theme?

I’m pretty new to Ghost, and I can’t figure out how to make it so authors appear in the Digest theme, though they appear to be visible in other themes. Any tips on what to do? Thanks!

Are you able to edit the theme & load a custom theme? While it’s easy to /hide/ an unwanted feature, if the theme isn’t set up to display it, you’d need theme edits to make that happen.

Hi! Thanks for the reply. I am able to download, edit, and upload.

Great. So you may want to look at another theme that displays the authors the way you like to get some ideas. :)

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Found one! Now what?

Which theme did you find?

I like the way the authors appear on the Source theme. I’m hoping there’s a way to bring that treatment over to Digest, which has a homepage structure that’s closer to what I’m trying to do.

There’s some really good documentation at Level up - Tutorials

Basically, you’ll want to find the part of the theme that’s creating the content around where you want to add the author info, and then peek at another theme for some examples of how to do it. If you’re looking at the homepage, start from home.hbs or maybe index.hbs (if there’s no home.hbs in that theme) and look for that code in that file, OR look for a {{ > “partialname” }} sort of structure for a partial file in partials/partialname that produces the part of the page you’d like to modify.

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Thanks so much, really appreciate this!