How does Ghost smart search work?

For example, I’m trying to search for “proximity” which exists as a word in one my articles on a Ghost-powered portal: What is SpatialChat? | SpatialChat Center

But searching for the keyword doesn’t find anything
Does Ghost search look for words inside a Post?

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Super interesting question! Searches are always tricky to implement, because of the sheer amount of data available.

Having had a look at the documentation, Ghost only uses the title and excerpts – and only builds the search index on the last 10,000 posts. In my opinion, a pretty good compromise between speed and depth of the index.

To give you some context, implementing a full-text search across all content can be quite resource-intensive. Factors like indexing every word, handling synonym recognition, and ranking results can quickly become super complex.

As a reference, in my day job, our full-text search for around 10,000 articles requires a dedicated virtual server equipped with 8GB memory and a powerful CPU.

Considering that Ghost aims to remain lightweight and accessible, focusing the search on titles and excerpts is a sensible decision, I think. It ensures efficiency without overburdening the infrastructure of small blogs :smiley:


That made sense, @jannis!

Thank you, now we will make sure that keywords are added into excerpt parts of the post for better indexing.

Apreciating the explanation

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