How is everyone managing Mailgun domains?

I serve my site at and also use another email provider to send/receive normal mail using

In order to use Mailgun with Ghost, I didn’t want to lose my personal email functionality at my base domain, so I set up a subdomain ( for Mailgun.

Now I’m running into an issue where Mailgun requires setting up a CNAME for click tracking at I’m using Cloudflare, and Cloudflare doesn’t provide SSL for more than one subdomain level, so all of the links in my newsletters are http instead of https and throwing errors for users.

How is everyone else managing the Mailgun integration? Did you forfeit your base domain to be used for Mailgun’s bulk sending and just use another subdomain for your individual email?

I also use for Mailgun, but haven’t met the problems you described. You can see my CNAME record below: