Ghost + CloudFlare Mailbeta + Mailgun


I’m using self-hosted ghost with CloudFlare Mailbeta, which means that I have MX records, and I have mails forfarded via cloudflare to me.

However, recently I decided to enable subscribe option and for it I need to setup sending service. Is possible to combine cloudflare and mailgun? I dont want to disable cloudflare forwarding mail service.

Since with cloudflare I cannot send mails, only receive them by forwarding to my address.
Thanks for help!

Yes, but you’ll need to use a subdomain with Mailgun, since Cloudflare MX records use the bare domain.

Is there any good description how to create subdomain?
Are there any back-forwards for it?

Just visit the Cloudflare dash, and under DNS create the MX records as directed by Mailgun. For example, handles mail for

You’ll also need to setup additional records for MX, DMARC, SPF, and domain keys.