How is the text width of the source content adjusted?

I hope I haven’t opened the topic in the wrong place; I apologize in advance.

Hello! I’m currently using the Source theme on my website. When I enter an article, I find that the width of the article is a bit narrow for my liking. I would like to increase the width of the page slightly. Could you please inform me about which file exactly I need to modify and what steps I should take? I wrote this to ensure that I don’t make any mistakes and to gain knowledge on the matter. Thank you in advance to everyone who responds.

The regular content width is set to 720px

You can set your own content width by adding the following in your Settings > Code injection:

html { --content-width: 800px; }

Where you can change the 800px to the value you want.

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Thank you very much, I will test it as soon as possible and get back to you. Thank you again.

When I added the code, it didn’t work, and the added code started appearing at the top of the website, just so you know.

You need to wrap it in a <style> tag like this:

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Thank you so much it works now

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