How much data can ghost handle?

Hi guys, I’m new in ghost cms… how much data ca ghost cms handle? I mean… I’d need to switch from craftcms newspaper wesbite to ghost, (arount 3k articles, 50 categories & 50 tags)… And everyday there are new 10-20 articles… Any website that has this amount of data?? Thanks.

Hi there. Ghost can handle that, no problem. There are several publications that have 10k+ posts.

Explore — Browse publications & featured writers is a great place to see what other users are up to. Also, check out Ghost for Publishers: The modern platform for journalism

We also have a concierge service that can help you migrate platforms: Official guide: How the Ghost Concierge service works

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I worked on a site with 10k posts a couple months back. No problems on the front end. The admin portal was a smidge slow. :)